Use the Hygeia Q breast pump to customize your pumping experience in a safe, closed system


Whether you think you'll pump occasionally or all the time, the Hygeia Q is a great choice for breastfeeding moms! Covered at 100% by most insurance companies, the Q is a closed system, which ensures that there's a barrier between your milk and the motor, eliminating the chance of contamination (and making it possible for another mom to safely use your pump as long as she has her own Personal Accessory Kit). Order yours through insurance now.

At just 2 pounds, the Hygeia Q breast pump is easy to carry and features the following:

  • Closed system that keeps your milk safe and makes it possible to reuse for your next baby (all you need is a new Personal Accessory Kit!)
  • Hospital grade performance, which will help you pump more efficiently
  • Independent speed and suction that enables you to mimic the unique way your baby nurses
  • WHO Code compliant because of Hygeia's commitment to supporting breastfeeding
  • Recycling program for pumps you no longer need ("No pumps in dumps" is one of Hygeia's mantras displaying its commitment to eco-friendly practices)
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Free of BPA/DEHP 
  • Battery pack available separately
  • Free annual Supporting Membership to La Leche League International, which a must-have resource for all breastfeeding mamas!

The Hygeia Q is a workhorse pump that fits a variety of needs, such as daily pumping, exclusively pumping, pumping on the go, etc. You can adjust the cycle rate and suction strength so you can find the right combination for the most effective breast pumping session.

Getting your Hygeia Q with your insurance plan is easy. Just complete the form below, and we'll get started! We'll confirm that we're in network with your insurance, that your insurance covers the Hygeia Q (most of our plans cover them at 100%) and when we can ship the pump for free directly to your home. 

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