Troubleshooting your breast pump

Getting your breast pump isn't exactly like Christmas morning so it's common for moms to wait until they need the pump to even open the box. As boring as it is, we recommend opening the box as soon as you get it and doing a quick inventory to ensure that all parts are included. Per FDA rules, EHCS cannot open the box before shipping to verify its contents so it's up to you to make sure everything is there.

After checking inventory, it's a great idea to familiarize yourself with your new breast pump BEFORE the chaos of the new baby ensues. Practice putting the pieces together, make sure you understand how to adjust the speed and suction, etc. When you're on a deadline or holed up in a closet trying to pump for the first time, you're not in any position to just "figure out" how the pump works. Educate yourself before you pump!

Breast pumps are supposed to do one thing – help you express breast milk – but they each work a little differently and their parts attach a little differently. When you're first getting started, make sure you check out the manufacturer's website and YouTube channel if available. (Let's be honest – YouTube is a fantastic resource filled with real moms just like you.) This will help you figure out how the pieces and parts all fit together to express breast milk.

Once you've got pumping down, you may run into some issues. Those previously mentioned YouTube channels are great for identifying and fixing issues particular to your breast pump. One universal issue is when your breast pump is losing suction, which likely means there's a leak somewhere. Your first order of business is to take everything apart and look for any cracks or holes – anything that could be causing the pump to lose suction. It doesn't take much. If you find a damaged part, don't try to repair it – discard it and get yourself a replacement. Then wash everything and reassemble!

Most issues with your breast pump can be resolved by taking it apart, examining the pieces to find where it might be losing suction, cleaning all of the parts and then putting it back together. When you run into problems you can't fix that way, that's when it's time to call the manufacturer and to look at your warranties. You can find their contact info below:

Manufacturer Phone Number Email Address Warranty
Ameda 866-992-6332 1 year
Ardo (844) 411-ARDO (2736) 400 hour or 1 year
Freemie 916-339-7388 60 days
Hygeia 888-786-7466 1 year
Lansinoh 800-292-4794 link to customer service form 1 year
Medela 800-435-8316 link to contact form 1 year (pump)
Spectra Baby 855-44-MOMBABY 2 year (most pumps)

Need to order your breast pump through insurance?

It's easy to get started. Just fill out this enrollment form or call us at 888-344-3434 to enable EHCS to verify your benefits and eligibility. We'll be in contact within a couple of business days about which breast pumps you're eligible for. Any accessories purchased with an insurance-covered breast pump will ship for free. Accessories purchased separately will be charged a shipping fee.