Why It Is Important to Check Your Blood Glucose Regularly

Checking your blood glucose levels regularly is one of the most important things you can do if you have diabetes. Knowing your blood glucose levels throughout the day allows you to make the best possible decisions for managing your diabetes. These are the times when you should test:

Before a Meal

Testing your blood glucose before a meal tells you how much insulin you might need in order to treat a high blood sugar, or to bring your glucose levels up. If you do not use insulin, this information will help you better understand how effective your current dosage is, or if you need to adjust your diabetes management plan.

After a Meal

Testing your blood sugar a couple of hours after eating tells you if your insulin calculations were correct, or if you need to treat your blood glucose levels. For example, if your blood glucose levels are still high 2-3 hours after a meal, you might need to correct with insulin. This information can also help your healthcare team decide whether or not to increase or decrease your medication levels.

Before and After Exercising

Test your blood glucose levels before you exercise, because if your levels are low at the start, you might need a small snack before you begin. Testing afterwards tells you how your body reacts to certain types of exercise. Does cardio lower your blood sugar, but weight training raises it? Or is it the other way around? You should know how each form of exercise effects your body.

Before Bedtime

Testing your blood glucose levels before bedtime can help you feel calm and relaxed knowing that your blood glucose is in a comfortable range. Or it might tell you that you need a snack before bed.

3 AM Check

You might be asked by your healthcare professional to check your blood glucose levels at 3:00 AM. This is to know how your blood sugar is reacting throughout the night, especially if it tends to go higher or lower.

The most important reason for checking your blood glucose regularly is so you can log all the information to share with your healthcare professional. This allows you to make the best possible decisions for your diabetes management plan. Blood glucose levels are used to create better decisions on increasing or decreasing dosages of medication, the length of your recommended exercise workouts, and other aspects of your diabetes care.

There are many products and tools available to help you check your blood glucose regularly. Blood glucose meters, such as the OneTouch products, come in different sizes and colors, and have features that include logging your blood glucose levels so they can be exported for your doctor appointments. Choose a meter you are comfortable using at home and carrying with you when you are on the go. You can order OneTouch products from Edwards Medical.

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By Chris Stocker, The Life of a Diabetic thelifeofadiabetic.com