Getting Started with an Insulin Pump

Getting started with an insulin pump is easy once you have talked with your diabetes care team and have decided that insulin pump therapy is right for you, call EHCS at 1-888-344-3434 and we will walk you through the process. We will work with your diabetes care team (physician, nurse practitioner, diabetes educator, your insurance company and you) so you are comfortable moving forward with insulin pump therapy.

Here is what you can expect from EHCS:

  • A dedicated Diabetes Care Coordinator to work directly with you – You will work with ONE person during the process. This person will be available to answer all of the questions you may have and address any concerns during the process. They will walk you through the process, one step at a time.
  • Prompt response – EHCS will review benefit coverage with you within two business days.
  • Constant communication – EHCS will frequently update you regarding your application (by phone or email, whichever you prefer).
  • Patient education – EHCS will assist you with scheduling pump training through your doctor’s office and/or our board certified diabetes educator (manufacturer certified trainer) or the manufacturer.
  • Product Availability – EHCS offers all major brands of insulin pumps and blood glucose monitoring supplies.
  • Ease of Orders – EHCS provides several easy options for you to receive your supply refills, including online via our website or email or phone.

Just call us at 1-888-344-3434 to get started, or you may complete an online form on our website