The Cleo® 90 infusion set is a single-use, 90-degree soft cannula infusion set. Its unique all-in-one design features a hidden insertion needle that automatically retracts once the cannula is in place. The Cleo 90 infusion set also sports a low-profile site that allows users to choose the orientation of their tubing, and a clear adhesive tape that breathes while keeping water out.

  • 9mm cannula, 31-inch tubing
  • All-in-one design: The housing of the patented device contains both a cannula inserter and needle retractor, providing you with maximum convenience and control
  • Enclosed needle safety: The enclosed needle automatically retracts up into the housing after insertion, helping to reduce accidental needle sticks
  • Hidden insertion needle: You control the insertion speed — and only see the needle if you choose to
  • Skin-friendly dressing: The small, transparent adhesive dressing breathes yet keeps water out — and stays in place with less tape; its release tab makes removal easy, too
  • Flex-Attach™ 360° site connection: The low-profile, rounded connector attaches securely to the site from any direction for more control and flexibility
  • 10 per box

Cleo® 90 Infusion Set; 9mm, 31-inch