Does Medicare cover Dexcom?

Gain control of your diabetes with a Medicare-approved Dexcom CGM

Does Medicare cover Dexcom G6?

Yes. The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is covered by Medicare for patients who meet the Medicare coverage criteria. Medicare coverage for therapeutic CGM includes certain beneficiaries who have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and intensively manage their insulin.

For a full description of coverage criteria, click here.

Medicare Coverage Criteria

  • The patient has diabetes;
  • The patient uses three or more daily injections of insulin (MDI) or an insulin pump;
  • The patient’s insulin treatment regimen requires frequent adjustments based on BGM or CGM testing results;
  • Within six months prior to ordering the CGM, the patient had an in-person visit with the treating practitioner to evaluate their diabetes control and determine that the above criteria have been met; and
  • To remain eligible, the patient must have an in-person visit with his/her treating practitioner every six months to evaluate adherence to their CGM therapy and diabetes treatment plan.

In order to qualify for Medicare coverage of your Dexcom G6 supplies, Medicare requires that you have a receiver that is compatible with Dexcom G6 and that you use that receiver with your supplies, even if you also use a compatible smart device. Medicare does not cover Dexcom G6 supplies that are only used with a smartphone or other mobile device.

To view a list of compatible smart devices, visit

Dexcom G6® Therapeutic CGM System

Dexcom G6 Therapeutic Continuous Glucose Monitoring System allows you to monitor your glucose number and know where it’s headed. Now available for Medicare, the Dexcom G6 system:

  • Displays real-time glucose readings, right on your receiver or smart device* (phone, watch, tablet, etc.)

  • Enables you to know your glucose number and where it’s headed with zero fingersticks and no calibration

  • Has unique sharing capabilities and alerts that are customizable for you

  • Features a slim, water-resistant sensor with an extended 10-day wear offering more convenience and fewer interruptions

  • Is proven to lower A1C and reduce hypoglycemic incidents

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