Medtronic Guardian Connect System

medtronic guardian connect system

Medtronic Guardian Connect System

Diabetes Management Made Smarter!

Medtronic Guardian Connect, Medtronic CGM, Medtronic Guardian Connect System

Medtronic Guardian Connect Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Medtronic Guardian™Connect CGM is the world’s first Smart Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)* system for people on insulin injections. With breakthrough tools to outsmart the highs and lows of diabetes, the Guardian Connect CGM allows you to focus on your life — not on your levels. Using smart technology to predict where your glucose levels are headed, the system will alert you from 10 to 60 minutes before a high or low.

Discreetly view your glucose reading on your smartphone and get notifications on your smart watch.



Measures sensor glucose 24/7 and sends alerts when high or low is detected; alerts are customizable and shareable.


Trend arrows provide insight on the direction your glucose is heading; customizable predictive alerts help you take action early.


On the spot decisions are easier; you decide when you want to be alerted between 10-60 minutes in 5-minute increments.


Anytime access to glucose levels and auto uploads for easy collaboration with family, friends, and healthcare providers.

Benefits Of CGM Therapy With Medtronic Guardian™ Connect

Take Control Of Your Diabetes With A CGM

A traditional blood glucose meter provides just a brief snapshot of your glucose level at a single moment in time, but a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) measures glucose levels throughout the day and night, giving you a greater view of your glucose trends. This constant stream of data about your blood glucose levels helps you spot trends to make better treatment decisions and gain more control and time in range.

CGMs like the Medtronic Guardian™ Connect provide a complete overview of your blood sugar levels in real-time to help eliminate the “guessing game” of managing diabetes. CGMs are an effective way to better manage your diabetes, help prevent fewer episodes of hypoglycemia, improve blood sugar control and achieve an optimal A1C level.

Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM, Medtronic CGM

Do I need a prescription for the Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM system?

The Guardian™ Connect system requires a prescription and is indicated for continuous or periodic monitoring of glucose levels in the interstitial fluid under the skin, in patients (14 to 75 years of age) with diabetes.

Will my insurance cover the Medtronic Guardian Connect CGM?

Once you have enrolled, your dedicated Diabetes Care Advisor (DCA) will verify your insurance benefits and obtain a prescription from your physician. Within two business days, your DCA will contact you to explain your options and go over everything you need. We handle all necessary paperwork between your insurance and your healthcare team, keeping you updated every step of the way.

Does the Medtronic Guardian Connect system integrate with the Medtronic insulin pumps?

The MiniMed™ 600-series pumps use the Guardian™ Link 3 transmitter, which uses a different wireless technology to communicate with the pump. The transmitter shell for the Guardian™ Connect system also has a “GC” etched on the surface opposed to the pump system transmitter shell, which just has a “G.”

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Introducing the Guardian Connect

Guardian Connect: Have More Good Days

What is a CGM?

Ready to get started with Medtronic Guardian Connect?

At EHCS, our goal is to provide you with a first-rate customer experience through the entire process. After you complete our online Medtronic form, EHCS will pair you with a dedicated Diabetes Care Advisor to help you through the process. From insurance approval and product selection to future reorders, our team of DCAs is your guide to better diabetes control.

Important Safety Information: Medtronic Guardian™ Connect CGM System

The Guardian™ Connect CGM System requires a prescription and is indicated for continuous or periodic monitoring of glucose levels in the interstitial fluid under the skin, in patients (14 to 75 years of age) with diabetes mellitus. The System is intended to complement, not replace, information obtained from standard blood glucose monitoring devices, and is not recommended for people who are unwilling or unable to perform a minimum of two meter blood glucose tests per day, or for people who are unable or unwilling to maintain contact with their healthcare professional. The system requires a functioning mobile electronic device with correct settings. If the mobile device is not set up or used correctly, you may not receive sensor glucose information or alerts. For complete details of the system and its components, including warnings, contraindications, and precautions, please consult the user guide at and important safety information.

Important Safety Information: Sugar.IQ™ App

The Sugar.IQ™ app (MMT-8100) helps manage diabetes by facilitating the logging and display of meal entries and sensor glucose (SG) data, tracking meal log entries, reporting insights of how meals affect glucose levels, and supporting good choices and trends with motivational messages. The app serves as an additional display for real-time CGM data from the Guardian™ Connect system through the CareLink™ Personal software. It is not intended to provide medical advice and should not be relied upon for such purpose. The app is not intended to replace the real-time display of the CGM data on the Guardian™ Connect app, control any functions of the connecting device, calculate insulin or other drug doses, or modify date or control functions of the Guardian™ Connect system. All therapy decisions should be made by the app user based on blood glucose (BG) measurements obtained from a BG meter. Changes to treatment should only be made in consultation with a healthcare professional (HCP). For complete details, consult the user guide at and important safety information.

The system is intended to complement, not replace, information obtained from standard blood glucose monitoring devices. All therapy adjustments should be based on measurements obtained from standard blood glucose monitoring devices and not on values provided by the system.

Important Safety Information: CareLink™ Software

The CareLink™ software is intended for use as a tool to help manage diabetes. The purpose of the software is to take information transmitted from insulin pumps, glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring systems, and turn it into CareLink™ reports. The reports provide information that can be used to identify trends and track daily activities—such as carbohydrates consumed, meal times, insulin delivery, and glucose readings. NOTE: CareLink™ report data is intended for use as an adjunct in the management of diabetes only and NOT intended to be relied upon by itself. Patients should consult their healthcare providers familiar with the management of diabetes prior to making changes in treatment. For more details, please consult important safety information and the appropriate CareLink™ User Guide at

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