Diabetes Testing Supplies

diabetes testing supplies, testing supplies

Diabetes Testing Supplies

Testing and Monitoring your Glucose Level is Key!

Despite all of the recent advances in diabetes technology, the most important tool in managing diabetes is still at-home glucose testing and monitoring. EHCS is a national provider of blood glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, lancing devices, control solution, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitors.

If you use something that you don’t see here, just email us, as we regularly review and expand our product offerings.

Blood Glucose Monitors

Blood sugar or blood glucose monitors are a simple, convenient tool that can help you keep track of your blood glucose levels. The choice is yours as we carry a variety of brands. Click here to view all of our blood glucose monitors 

Testing Strips

Testing strips are used with blood glucose monitors. With a testing strip, you collect a small sample of blood and enter into. a glucose monitor to check your glucose levels. Here are some of our customer favorites, but you can view all test strip options here.

Lancets and Lancing Devices

A blood sample is taken using a lancet and lancing device. The depth of skin penetration can be adjusted for various skin thicknesses on the lancing device. Again, EHCS has a few options to choose from. View all lancets and lancing device.

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