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Try CGM Therapy and End Routine Fingersticks With Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) help people better manage their diabetes! Traditional blood glucose testing is essential for managing your diabetes and staying healthy, but it can be painful to constantly prick fingers for testing. Now, there is a way to avoid unnecessary fingersticks: continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) like the FreeStyle Libre 3 or Dexcom G7 systems.

A CGM captures your blood sugar levels and shows whether it is increasing, decreasing, or remaining steady. The ability to identify trends in your blood glucose levels is a critical piece of diabetes management, helping you increase your time in range and reduce your A1C levels. A CGM helps you make informed decisions to prevent lows, extreme highs, and erratic blood sugars. This additional information also helps you better understand how insulin, food, exercise, and other variables affect glucose values.

More insurance plans are covering CGM therapy, especially for frequent testers. Apply today to find out if you’re eligible!

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