What is Insulin Pump Therapy?

What is Insulin Pump Therapy?

February 29, 2024

A Type 1 diabetes diagnosis brings the potential for lifelong challenges, including the constant need for insulin management, increased susceptibility to complications, and the emotional toll of living with a chronic condition.

Opting for insulin pump therapy provides a secure and straightforward approach to enhance glucose control, offering a proactive solution for managing diabetes effectively.

insulin pump therapy

Choosing insulin pump therapy presents a reliable and uncomplicated method to improve control over glucose levels, providing a proactive and efficient solution for the effective management of diabetes.

What is insulin pump therapy?

What is insulin pump therapy, and what is an insulin pump?

An insulin pump is a small electronic device that delivers insulin continuously. It’s a valuable tool for individuals with Type 1 diabetes who require insulin therapy. The device consists of three main components: an insulin reservoir, a pump mechanism, and a catheter that delivers the insulin into your body. It’s designed to mimic the functioning of a healthy pancreas.

The pump delivers insulin through a small tube, known as a catheter, which is inserted under the skin. The placement of the catheter is flexible, allowing you to rotate the infusion site and minimize the risk of irritation. The pump can deliver different basal rates throughout the day, adjusted to match your specific insulin needs. It can also deliver bolus doses of insulin to cover meals or correct high blood sugar levels.

Using an insulin pump requires regular monitoring and adjustments. It’s important to work closely with your healthcare team to ensure proper pump management and achieve optimal results.

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Benefits of Using an Insulin Pump

Insulin pump therapy provides numerous benefits for individuals with type 1 diabetes. These include improved blood sugar control and A1C levels, flexibility in meal planning and physical activities, and a reduced risk of hypoglycemia. EHCS offers a range of insulin pump options designed to meet your specific needs. Our expert team can guide you through the process of choosing the right pump and provide comprehensive support to ensure a seamless transition to insulin pump therapy.

  • Delivers insulin accurately and often improves your A1C

  • Eliminates individual insulin injections

  • Allows flexibility about what and you eat, making diabetes management easier

  • Eliminates unpredictable effects of intermediate or long acting insulin

Is Insulin Pump Therapy Right For You?

Insulin pump therapy is a valuable treatment option for individuals with type 1 diabetes seeking better blood sugar control and improved quality of life. This technology offers a convenient and efficient way to deliver insulin, reducing the need for multiple daily injections. Whether you’re an adult or a child, insulin pump therapy can greatly benefit you. It provides improved glycemic control, precise insulin dosing, and simplifies insulin administration, making it easier to incorporate diabetes management into daily life.

Our team is ready to help you get started! We offer a range of insulin pumps and are committed to helping improve your quality of life living with diabetes. Once you’ve completed our online application, we will work with you, your doctor, and insurance company to help you get the insulin pump and supplies you need. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Diabetes Care team at DCA@myehcs.com.

EHCS Works With Medicare, Medicaid, And Most Commercial Insurance Plans Nationwide! We Are Dedicated To Continuously Expanding Our Reach.

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