What is Insulin Pump Therapy

March 14, 2022

Diabetes can affect your entire body, and over many years, it can lead to complications. High blood glucose levels can damage your eyes, the nerves in your feet and legs, and your blood vessels.

Insulin pump therapy is a safe, simple way to achieve better glucose control.

Insulin pumps are small in size, battery operated, and give you a constant drip of insulin. An insulin pump mimics what a normal pancreas would do and is programmed to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Insulin pumps replace the need for periodic injections by delivering rapid-acting insulin continuously using a catheter.

Insulin pumps offer many advantages that can simplify your diabetes management. With help from your health care team, insulin pumps can help keep your blood glucose levels within your target ranges.


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Benefits of Using an Insulin Pump

Insulin pump therapy provides flexibility for your lifestyle while giving you greater control of your diabetes!

  • Delivers insulin accurately and often improves your A1C

  • Eliminates individual insulin injections

  • Allows flexibility about what and you eat, making diabetes management easier

  • Eliminates unpredictable effects of intermediate or long acting insulin

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