Did you know that breast pumps are covered by most insurance plans?

Order yours now through EHCS.

Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle. Luckily, you have us! We can help you determine your eligibility and coverage, handle all of the necessary paperwork and deliver your breast pump to your door! All you have to do is fill out this online form, and our breast pump coordinators will get started verifying benefits and figuring out what you're eligible for. 

Please note: Submitting the form permits us to verify your benefits with your insurance company; we will not ship a breast pump without your approval.
EHCS carries breast pumps from the following manufacturers (learn more here); brand and model will depend on your insurance plan and eligibility.

Pregnant and postpartum women should have access to breastfeeding equipment. Breastfeeding is one of the most effective preventive measures mothers can take to protect their health and that of their children. One of the barriers for breastfeeding is the cost of purchasing or renting breast pumps and nursing-related supplies. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has adopted new legislation requiring commercial health insurances to add breast pumps as a covered benefit.

Call us at 1-888-344-3434 or apply online to let us do the legwork. We’ll verify your benefits, obtain your prescription and any other necessary paperwork and ship the insurance-covered pump directly to your home.

Not ready to order a breast pump, but would like more information on insurance coverage, upgrades or products? Please email breastpumps@myEHCS.com to request info.