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Breast Milk Storage Guidelines

April 06, 2022

Not sure how to safely store breast milk at room temperature, in the fridge or freezer, or how long you can safely keep it?

Freshly pumped milk
Room temperature: up to 4 hours
Refrigerator: up tp 4 days
Freezer: 6-12 months

Thawed, previously frozen
Room temperature: up to 2 hours
Refrigerator: up to 24 hours
Freezer: Never refreeze breast milk after it’s been thawed

Left over from a feeding (baby did not finish bottle)
Room temperature: use within 2 hours after baby has finished eating
Refrigerator: use within 2 hours after baby has finished eating
Freezer: do not freeze

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Thawing frozen breast milk for immediate use

Warm the milk by running warm water over the bag or bottle and use it within the next 24 hours.

Warming refrigerated breast milk

Warm the milk by running warm water over the bag or bottle until it’s at room temperature.

Note: Never thaw or heat breast milk in the microwave.

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• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Proper Storage and Preparation of Breast Milk

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