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Introducing InPen, The Smart Insulin Pen

May 04, 2021

If you like the simplicity of multiple daily injection (MDI) therapy, but want the intelligence of an insulin pump, look no further than the InPen smart insulin pen system.

Finally, you can have sophisticated diabetes technology that’s easy to use – and affordable!

InPen is the first and only FDA-cleared smart insulin pen system that helps you take the right dose, at the right time. By tracking your diabetes data to a smart app via Bluetooth, the InPen system provides personalized recommendations that fundamentally change how you manage MDI. You can dose with the InPen and let the InPen app do the tracking and monitor your active insulin throughout the day.

As InPen user Allison said, “InPen is a game-changer for anyone on multiple daily injections. With help from InPen, I feel more in control of my diabetes because I am confident that I am administering the right doses. I can’t imagine MDI without InPen in my toolbox and highly recommend this to anyone.”

Approved for ages 7 and up, the InPen is compatible with the following short-acting insulins: Fiasp, Humalog, and Novolog cartridges (separate prescription required). You can also log your long-acting insulin doses in the InPen app and set up dose reminders to take your long-acting insulin.

Available through GEM Edwards Pharmacy, most commercial insurance plans cover the InPen, and you may also qualify for other assistance, bringing the cost down to as little as $35 per prescribed pen. After we receive your application, our Diabetes Care team will review your coverage, determine the best way for you to receive InPen, and work with your doctor to get the prescription so we can ship InPen directly to your home!


Is InPen right for you?

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Indications for Use
InPen requires a prescription. It is a home-use reusable pen injector for single-patient use by people with diabetes under the supervision of an adult caregiver or by a patient age 7 and older for the self-injection of a desired dose of insulin. The pen injector is compatible with Lilly Humalog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, Novo Nordisk Novolog® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges, and Novo Nordisk Fiasp® U-100 3.0 mL cartridges and single-use detachable and disposable pen needles (not included). The pen injector allows the user to dial the desired dose from 0.5 to 30 units in one-half (1/2) unit increments.
The InPen dose calculator, a component of the InPen app, is indicated for the management of diabetes by people with diabetes under the supervision of an adult caregiver, or by a patient age 7 and older for calculating an insulin dose or carbohydrate intake based on user-entered data.
For an insulin dose based on the amount of carbohydrates, a healthcare professional must provide patient-specific target blood glucose, insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio, and insulin sensitivity parameters to be programmed into the software prior to use.
For an insulin dose based on fixed/variable meal sizes, a healthcare professional must provide patient-specific fixed doses/meal sizes to be programmed into the software prior to use.

The InPen system is not intended for anyone unable or unwilling to:
• Test blood glucose (BG) levels as recommended by a healthcare provider
• Maintain sufficient diabetes self-care skills
• Visit a healthcare provider regularly

InPen is not recommended for the blind or visually impaired without the assistance of a sighted individual trained to use it. Always carry a spare insulin delivery device in case your InPen is lost or damaged.

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