With the Contour Next portfolio from Ascensia, there’s an easy and accurate meter to meet many diabetes management needs. All Contour Next systems provide high accuracy. Proprietary mediator provides increased stability for high accuracy. MultiPulse™ technology evaluates the sample multiple times through seven pulses. Advanced algorithm corrects signals from various sources of error, including temperature, hematocrit and user technique.

  • Exclusively used with Ascensia’s family of Contour Next meters
  • Formerly known as Bayer Contour Next test strips
  • 50-count box
  • High-performance test strips with proven accuracy
  • Second-Chance™ sampling allows you to apply more blood to help prevent wasting test strips and to save money
  • No Coding Technology
  • Tiny 0.6 µL blood sample
  • 5-second countdown

Ascensia Contour Next Test Strips